The Grapevine Restaurant

Pizza & Stromboli

Made to order and baked in a stone lined oven


Traditional: Red sauce, fresh grated cheeses, herbs
White: Garlic butter, fresh grated cheeses, tomatoes & herbs

Extra Large      18"    12 slices    $13.00

Large              16"    10 slices      $11.00
Medium           14"     8 slices      $9.00
Small              12"     6 slices       $7.00
Personal          10"     4 slices      $6.00

Choose from the following toppings: 

Meat-$2 each:  pepperoni, ham, hot sausage, meatballs
Vegetables-$1.50 eachgreen peppers, hot peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives
Anchovies-$2.00 personal, $3.00 small/medium, $4.00 large and X-large


Choose from the following:
-Hot Sausage
-Killer (Ham, Meatball, & Hot Sausage)

*All strombolis include peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese and pepperoni with marinara sauce on the side unless otherwise specified.

1/2 Stromboli: $10.95
Whole Stromboli: $14.95
1/2 Killer: $12.95
Whole Killer: $16.95